Sea Dreams


When the famous painter and environmentalist Thor Hudson is seeking refuge after his divorce, Harmony Merriman, the Mayor of New Moon Beach is keeping her fingers crossed that her town is the one he will choose. After making a promise to her boyfriend that she will not use magic to sway his decision, her Great Aunt decides to step in. Thor repeatedly sees a beautiful woman with lavender eyes in his dreams and he becomes obsessed with finding her along with his new found inspiration to paint a mural. Cookie Cleverly runs Roz's Bakery with the right touch of magic, but when she meets a new man in town, she goes against the advice from her cat Rocko to stay away from him. Is the town in for better days or perhaps all that is required is a little magic after all?

Magic is in the air with the quirky witches of New Moon Beach while they add a fun, flirty vibe. At the heart of this story is Harmony and Cookie who have charismatic personalities that continue to entertain the reader in each chapter. Some of the everyday mundane details do occasionally get in the way of a smooth and uninterrupted read and the fact the Matt makes a debut rather early on and then disappears until a small entrance back into the story at the very end leaves a less than cohesive feeling. Overall, the story is delightful with wonderful characters that bring so much energy and humor, while delivering the right amount of romance and magic.

Margaret Faria