Scrying for Summer (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #2)


Jev Brennan is an enforcer with the Philadelphia Coven and is looking for some adventure to break up the monotony of hanging at the Coven library. She has no idea what she is in for when the handsome traitor Liam O’Reilly walks in, garnering many a hateful glare. A former member of the Order of the Serpent, he has much to repent for and a need to gain trust within the Coven. Liam is seeking help in saving his friend Samuel from the nightmarish fae, Destrius. He is also trying to keep his mother protected from being recaptured by the fiend. Asking for help is not in his nature, but hard times call for hard measures. 


Amped with action and rife with sexual tension, “Scrying for Summer” is a roller coaster of emotional and physical adrenaline. Hold on tight! As the second book in a series, it wouldn’t hurt to read the first installment, but "Scrying for Summer" stands well on its own. At times the plot seems a tad rushed, but the pace is equal to the frenetic nature of the characters. And these are some characters! Jev is a powerhouse of raw energy and she sucks the reader into her world. Liam is pure sexuality with a soft side he wants to hide. Together they create explosions - literally at times. There is just a need for a bit more back story to help drive the story fully home. Regardless, there is a magnetic pull from this novel that is truly hard to resist. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto