Sand Dollar Seven


MYSTERY, INSPIRATIONAL:  Two lonely people meet in an unexpected place connected by a song only they can hear. While searching for each other they find themselves and dream of a future that meets every desire they hadnt realized they had. Written as an epic-length poem, the pair alternate in telling their stories, proving that when a dream is given strength and attention, it can become real and provide the second chance we all look for.


An amazing Serendipity”- type romantic poem, Bennett has created a tale that sucks the reader in regardless of whether said reader likes poetry or not. The romance sweeps the reader along as the two unnamed characters meet and search for one another. There is an element of mystery to the story as it is unclear to characters at times if they are dreaming or awake, however this adds some magic to the romance. The poetry itself is easy to follow with its rhymes combined with natural conversation, and jokes that makes it clear it isnt always taking itself seriously while still being inspiring and touching. Overall, Sand Dollar Sevenis fabulous poem that everyone should read and English teachers should add to their list of poems students are required to read in school.


Sarah E Bradley