The Rookie (Fire's Edge Book 3)


Aiden Paytah is trying his best to prove himself worthy as part of a team of Dragon enforcers. He joined to escape exile and he has worked hard to earn his place. It is a bad time for a distraction to come his way and it comes hard in the shape of Sera Morrison. Sera is running her family winery after losing her husband and mother. What she didn't expect was to find out that she is destined to be a dragon mate. The one dragon she wants however is Aiden, the one who walked away. When the Alliance Council decide that she's to be used in their political game, Aiden kidnaps her to keep her safe. The consequences would be a better prospect than losing her. Their mating bond becomes stronger the closer they are to one another, but that doesn't matter.

The novel has an interesting plot and the author has created their own world of dragon shifters with a council, guards and different other aspects. It's clear they have put a lot of work and effort into this world and it shows through the descriptions and explanations throughout the book. Numerous characters bring this story to life and an "edge of the seat" plot makes this novel a page-turner Some aspects of the descriptions could have been better but it hardly takes away from the excitement and passion that resonates off the page. This is a great addition to this series and will have readers who have never read this author before, going back and reading the other books and works. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick