The Rise of Chaos


Anastasia Duke has always been misunderstood. She has had a gift (or a curse) since she turned fourteen years old. If she has skin to skin contact with anyone, she can see all the lifetimes that person has lived. It just takes an instant of contact. She has just graduated from college and been hired on at Class Act, which is run by The Agency. The Agency only employs Pure Ones with psychic powers such as hers. Other employees are mediums, have telekinesis, astral projection, telepathy, and auric sight, to name a few. She is about to enter into the battle between Light and Chaos, good and evil. Ultimately, good must be recognized and it must win.

The first chapter of the book summarizes the novel, so that the novel itself is extraneous. We know that Tristan and Lucasz are twins, but one is good and the other is evil. This story has been done so many times as to make it mundane. The characters are enjoyable with the exception of Vic, Anastasia’s father. He is the epitome of all that is evil. Although the theme of good versus evil is quite commonly seen, the plot is quite unique. It will be interesting to see how Ms. Stone’s ideas develop over the course of this new series.

Belinda Wilson