Return of the Fae


Return of the Fae takes place in an alternative world, similar to modern Earth, but with magickal elements. It is also book two of the Council series. Parris’ life takes a wild turn when two witch hunters appear at her door prepared to transform her into the super witch she needs to be. Apparently, she is the secret weapon to smoke out Coven X. One of the men, Ty, she recognizes from their hot and fast one-night stand. The chemistry is still there, but he’s all business as if they never had a thing.


The textbooks would take her years to master, but she needs to read them in two weeks. Someone might have given the Council the wrong name. No way, she was the magickal one. When her personal fairy appears, she rethinks her original opinion, especially when she learns a troll and a man is watching her house. Her fairy gives her cryptic answers until she mentions that someone plans to kill her. Parris decides it would serve her well to master the extraordinary power she is reputed to have before someone or something kills her.

"Return of the Fae" is a tightly written tale without a wasted word. It is reminiscent of Harry Potter with a secret council that governs the world of magickal beings and keeps them hidden from the human eye. It is a fun, fast read!

Morgan Stamm