Resisting Darkness (A Forest of Darkness #3)


Ethan has carried the guilt for his wife’s murder his whole life. After she was viciously murdered while he slept next to her, he vows to avenge her death. As he works to draw the killer back to Atlanta, Georgia, he’s suddenly faced with a new conflict. Ever the drifter, the bold and brazen Harmony has been searching for a place to ease her soul. When she first takes sight of Ethan she can’t help but feel the pull of attraction; except she finds herself in second place behind Ethan’s greatest love. Can he let go of his guilt and shame in time to find his own internal harmony? Or will his obsession with revenge drive away his second chance at love?


Readers will find a tightly woven storyline to sink their teeth into! One will find the characters’ lives are intimately intertwined to create the perfect storm of conflict. Additionally, the author demonstrates her talent for writing strong, internal and warring conflicts within the cast. While one experiences the gut wrenching emotions of letting a loved one go they simultaneously witness a love everlasting, surpassing the bonds of time. Readers will also find themselves a spectator as the author also broaches the post traumatic trauma involving the vicious murder of a loved one. Given the successful recaps of previous books, one may read this third installment as a standalone; however some may find themselves missing the bigger picture. And excellent accompaniment to Ms. Wendley’s series that will ensnare readers from beginning to end. 


Stephanie Lodes