Reign and Ruin (Mages of the Wheel Book 1)

J. D.

FANTASY:  Driven by the need to protect her people, Naime, an Ice Mage and daughter of the ruling Sultan, has to battle the current mindset of the ruling class who believe women should not hold any positions of power, and the Grand Vizier, a man whose evil and corruption knows no bounds. Naime wants to reunite the six clans of her people, enabling them to strengthen the magic that has begun dying out and balance the Wheel of Magic. Makram, an unwanted prince of the kingdom of Death Mages, is her opposite in every way. After an unceremonious meeting, Makram and Naime team up to defeat the political machinations of the Vizier and the onslaught of The Republic, a group of “non-magic” people who wish to wipe out the existence of magic. Can Naime and Makram learn to work together on this quest to save their world, or will their forbidden attraction spell disaster?

From page one, the reader will be pulled into an epic fantasy world that will surely delight fans of David Eddings, Raymond E. Feist and the like. Although the beginning is a little slow, it is well worth persevering. Ms. Evan’s talent with descriptions makes her world seem tangible. The dialog between characters is engaging and realistic, and the twists and turns will make sure the reader gets captured in the pages of this cleverly crafted tale. The slow burn romance between naïve Naime and charismatic, yet emotionally wounded, Makram, brings some humor to the plate as neither of them knows how to handle their attraction.  A spectacular debut novel that will leave readers wanting more!

Katy Nielsen