Reflections (Whisper Cape #2)


Gerry and Maia are happy - with Maia being pregnant their world is changing, but it won’t break them apart. And they’re sure of it until fate starts to conspire against them. First, there was a mysterious woman who warned Maia of danger; a woman nobody else could see. The pregnancy itself is perilous, even in these modern times. Last, but definitely not least, a flame from Gerry’s past shows up - a woman he loved who seems to want him back and she is not shy about her goals.  Is their love strong enough to overcome all that?


For a reader new to the series, it can be confusing until the characters sort themselves out. Also, there is little said about their abilities and their origin. While some parts of the story are intriguing, as a whole it fails to engage. The writing itself is awkward at times, which spoils the flow of the story. The characters are sometimes flat and they make it hard for a reader to sympathize with them.  All of that combines to make it difficult for a reader to enjoy the story, but maybe for a reader familiar with the characters and their history, “Reflections” will make for a more satisfying read.


Ana Smith