Redemption in Blood: A Novel of the Penitent

Tara S.
ISBN Number: 

Vesper Hyde is a vampire and a vampire executioner.  She is a member of the Penitent, charged with carrying out the justice handed down by the Vampire Council.  Years ago, Vesper was assigned to take out Victor Delacroix for his unspeakable crimes, but she was almost the one who died.  Now he’s back, terrorizing the population of New Orleans, with an accomplice who is just as twisted as he.  While tracking down the murderous duo, Vesper crosses paths with (human) detective Decker Price.   What starts out as a mutual sharing of information ends up with the two of them sharing a bed.  They will have to decide if their relationship is worth overcoming the obstacles that would keep them apart, and that’s if they even survive the confrontation with a vampire who has already gotten the best of Vesper once.

This story drops the reader right into the middle of the bloody action and does not let up until the very last page!  Characters, primary and supporting, are well-developed, and even though the reader senses this is but one thread in an ongoing story, at no time is the reader lost as to how everything fits together.  The physical attraction between Vesper and Decker is immediate, raw and forceful, which suits their alpha personalities.  Some questionable actions from other people were left unexplained and more information about the workings of the Council would have been nice, but overall, a very exciting book with a strong cast of characters readers will want to continue to follow!  

Leslie Stokes