Reclaiming Flight (The Flight Series Book 2)

Heather M.

For twenty years, Cedric has lived with the agonizing results that came from placing his career before his eternal mate. So when a chance meeting with an ancient spirit grants him a second chance with Taryn, he eagerly accepts the gift with no care of the stipulation: she will not recall the circumstances of her death, and her existence will cease upon its anniversary. Granted with a second chance, and little time, he vows to put their love before his job as Enforcer this time. But with one final mission yet to complete and time running out, can he unravel the mystery before it’s too late?


Paranormal readers will find an exciting and unique twist to the world of shape shifting! 

The prose is eloquently descriptive and a reader gets a sense that the author has spent much time observing the object of her inspiration. One truly feels as if they themselves are in flight with the main characters. Readers will also discover personal relatability written between the lines of the plot: a chance to right past wrongs, and rekindle the flame of love once lost. Additionally one is surprised with a unique plot twist within the first chapter that is sure to have readers eagerly turning the pages. However, as the second book in the series, some readers may find themselves at a disadvantage and become disoriented with the dynamics and working relationships when past and present characters reunite. Fans of both shape shifting, and Ms. Sharpe’s expressive and lively writing will be eager for this new addition! 


Stephanie Lodes