Reap & Repent (The Reapers #1)


Everyone has an aura. Ruth Scott believes this until she crashes into a chest of muscle leaving the hospital after her mother’s passing. The handsome man attached to the carved body is Deacon Walker, and he doesn’t have an aura because he isn’t human. Proclaiming herself different, Ruth has wrestled with what she could see and others couldn’t. When Deacon tracks her down, she learns they are the same, but the job title of Reaper isn’t what she bargained for. 

“Reap & Repent” is the first of “The Reaper Series”. Pick up the book, and racing to the finish will be a priority. Action, suspense, and unique and creative scene setting yank this novel from average to can’t-wait-until-the-next-one-is-published. Deacon is a resistant hero which is the best kind to garner an audience of supporters. Ruth is perfectly spunky and naïve, just as she should be, as a world of demons and unimaginable creatures is divulged to her. Together they are a perfect team, but the love connection is weak. They maintain they are falling for each other, but there’s too much good storytelling that gets in the way of any depth of emotion between them. There’s also a secondary “dead” character named Kara that once had Deacon’s heart, and although she chose Deacon’s best friend then died, the torch Deacon still holds seems too bright. 

From impending demon invasions, angels, trips to hell and back again, this brilliant, colorful story begs for attention and it shall receive it. Amen.

Sloane Austen