Rage Against the Devil (Wild Beast Series Book 2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Nicky Arviso is a police officer and shape shifter, and prefers to stay in the form of a wolf. A veteran of Afghanistan and other wars, he recognizes the smell of death when he discovers a brutal crime scene on his own property and the exploded shreds of an Other. Others are created by the Darkness and include banshees, dragons, and the Fae. He summons Danny Rios, his human partner at the Montville Police Department, to help investigate. When Eire Donovan, Enforcer for the Others, hears of the murder, she heads to Montville to insert herself into the investigation. It may be the last thing she ever does.

“Rage Against the Devil” is a unique story with a cast of otherworldly creatures that include Others, Vukovic’ wolves, Skrom, and other various shape shifters. Language is vulgar throughout the novel with every character except Carrie succumbing to frequent cursing. Therefore, all of the people’s voices sound the same throughout the piece. This novel starts as a dream sequence, making little sense until the end of the book when everything suddenly becomes clear. It also ends in a cliffhanger, setting up the possibility of a follow-up story. Ms. Birmingham writes an interesting novel with strong characters who know how to get themselves out of tough situations — a solid shifter story, although it would probably resonate better if read after the first book in the series. 

Belinda Wilson