The Quick and the Dead (Soul Broker Novel, Book 3)

D. B.

Vivian Bedford has gotten herself into a political mess with the leaders of afterlife management and is now on the run. Leaving her Tennessee home to hide away in Mississippi is hard enough, but doing so with the Reaper she has made semi-mortal is salt in the wound.  Vivian is a Soul Broker, a liaison between the living and the dead. Lazarus Darkmore, now half-mortal half-Reaper, is on the run with her. There is a traitor in their organization and they are wreaking havoc in the land of the living and of the dead. Vivian needs to keep her cool and with Darkmore’s help, keep the land of the living and dead in peace at all costs. 

Book three of the Soul Broker series is a fast paced, paranormal reader's dream! From Reapers to Archangels, readers are thrust into a world of good versus evil and one of moral and ethical justice. Jumping straight into book three of this series, new readers will find themselves a little lost and confused not knowing how or why the main characters are where they are, so beginning at the beginning of this series is advisable. The cast of characters, while all intriguing, are hard to keep up with as well when starting at book three. “The Quick and the Dead” winds a beautiful, descriptive tale of justice and sacrifice and is well worth the escape to those invested in this series. One can only hope this series continues. 

Alison Ellis