Quest of a Warrior (Legends of the Fenian Warriors, #1)


Conn is a Fenian Warrior right out of Celtic mythology, but he’s made a mistake that has altered the threads of time. As punishment for his poor judgment, he must travel into modern times and set one person on the proper path. Ivy, an American, arrives in Ireland to take over her uncle’s bookstore.  When Conn walks out of her dreams and into her life, something inside her recognizes him.  Thrown together, they both resist the lightning bolts of attraction. For Conn, as a Fenian warrior, loving a human is forbidden.  For Ivy, untangling the mysteries of her past is her priority. Besides, she has plenty of reasons for denying her feelings. Fate and the dark presence lurking in the tiny Irish village have other plans.

Conn and Ivy’s story is an inspired mix of contemporary mystery and mythic fantasy woven together seamlessly in a tasty tale of intrigue, lust and love.  All the characters, even minor ones, leap from the pages as lively people with real emotions and motivations.  One can’t help but like Conn as he struggles with a code of honor that would deny him the only woman he has ever loved. And Ivy, with her flustered surprise and confusion upon being immediately accepted as family in the village, will win over even the most cynical reader.  On occasion, the complexity of the Celtic mythology is a bit dense, but the wild plot, lush settings (especially in the faerie realm) and fantastic characters make up for that.  The reader is left chomping at the bit for the next in the series!

Marc Joseph