Protect Her (The Druid's Curse Book #1)


After inheriting a home she knew nothing about, and hoping that a move across the country has lost the demon plaguing her nightmares, Golden meets Kris when she applies for a job as his grandmother’s caretaker. Their attraction is instant, and confusing for both of them. What they soon find is that their entwined story began almost a thousand years ago with the Druids in the Highlands of Scotland, and their deaths are always certain. Until now.


Weaving a tale dating from the time of the Druids up to present day, while stopping in lifetimes in between, this tale takes readers on a journey through old beliefs, numerology, astrology, demons, immortal protectors, and foreign countries. There is a lot of Celtic Druidism that will be new and exciting to readers. While the flashbacks into previous times and lives fit perfectly into Golden and Kris’ journey of discovery, sometimes the transitions between characters, names, and paragraphs are abrupt, resulting in re-reading being needed. The backbone and mettle shown by Golden and Kris are consistent, which is very nicely done, as their tale is spread throughout so many centuries. Their wondering about how real their love is this time is refreshingly honest and they question love at first sight. The bad guy is bone chillingly bad, with enough told through his eyes for readers to hope Druids like that weren’t real, and pray that blood rituals don’t really exist. The ending isn’t clear on who won or who the continuation is about, but also is not a cliffhanger. Richly told mythology will entice any lover of Celts into Golden and Kris’ lives.


Julie York