A Place to Belong


Boone Weaver is a were-panther and one day is working on his farm when he smells a beautiful, sweet scent. He discovers that a woman is extremely injured from a car accident. He immediately feels drawn to help her and takes her to his home. He uses his special abilities to help heal her. When the woman wakes up, he finds out her name is Carly who is fleeing her ex-fiancé, who cheated on her and has been investigating her. Boone feels an overwhelming need to protect her and try to teach her about her long hidden heritage. However, it is that heritage that has dangerous men looking for her. Carly needs to trust Boone, and stand up to those who threaten everything.

This is a quick read that will transport readers to a magical realm with magical creatures. The world and its creatures are completely unique which makes the story engaging. Some of the reactions to the different situations do not seem realistic. The events happened so quickly and Carly just seemed to flow with it. Carly is a very trusting character and thankfully puts her trust in Boone, who is sure of himself and strong to boot. The two of them together have amazing chemistry. This chemistry also kept the pace of the story moving, along with the constant sense of danger.  The only sad part is when the story ends because it will leave readers wanting more depth to the story. So sit back, relax and pick up this paranormal romance for an afternoon of adventure. 

Amanda Hupe