One Small Touch

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Aaron March sees death.  And, while even one crime is enough, as a cop he’s fated to see many more. Especially since he “sees” things no one around him does… The last thing he expected when he came upon a fatal car crash, however, was for it to lead him to his favorite author and possibly the woman he is meant to love, Laurel Wentworth.

Laurel Wentworth has been simply existing for quite some time now - existing inside her marriage, accepting everything and anything.  It all comes to a standstill with the news that not only is her husband dead, but he died while in a clandestine meeting with her best friend. Thankfully, she’s not alone, she has Aaron. Sweet, tempting, brave Aaron whom she will need more than she realizes as the plot thickens and they find themselves investigating both the death of her husband, the woman he was with at the time  and fearing for their lives!

An interesting, ambitious, sweet story of two people finding each other against the odds! Sadly, however, it didn’t fulfill its full potential. Aaron and Laurel, while looking like intriguing individuals, weren’t tangible enough to feel real. This problem of superficial characterization was present with other characters as well.  The mystery itself wasn’t nearly as suspenseful or mysterious enough to hold the reader’s attention. Perhaps these issues could have been minimized if more time was taken and the book was longer.  Overall, this is a very promising premise and a pleasant story, but leaves much room for improvement.


Mimi Smith