Once a Rake, Always a Rogue (Potions and Passions Book 3)


HISTORICAL:  Lady Astrid is a scientist in training and society refuses to accept her.   When it comes to her work, she is deeply passionate and self-assured yet lacks confidence in her appearance and when dealing with society.  Dr. Ernest is a well-respected doctor who has left his youth behind to help his patients.  When his best friend’s sister is accused of being insane and in danger of being incarcerated in an asylum, Dr. Ernest comes to her aid.  When they meet, both realize they shared a passionate kiss many years ago — and neither has forgotten. 

“Once a Rake, Always a Rogue” is an enjoyable and steamy historical romance. The story starts out slowly but gains speed as the characters investigate the asylum and the danger to Astrid.  The characters are enjoyable and have great chemistry together; the bickering between them is very funny and entertaining.  The author did a wonderful job describing the period and the treatment of women.  A small niggle - too much information about food and potions that takes away from the main story.  “Once a Rake, Always a Rogue” is Book 3 in the Potions and Passions series and can be read as a stand-alone. The story and characters are easy to follow, and the reader will fall in love with all the characters.   Historical romance fans will love this one! 

Victoria Zumbrum