Night’s Eternal Vow

Julie A.

Nobleman Vincent D’Armano is on his way home from visiting his mistress when he’s turned into a vampire by deadly Epatha, a vampiress in search of a mate. When they travel to America, Vincent makes the mistake of killing a Cheyenne war chief’s son, and is cursed by a shaman as a result. Vincent escapes from Epatha and integrates back into society again. Detective Alara Gale wants to find the vampire who killed her boyfriend but she can’t stay away from the man who makes her feel nothing like she’s ever felt before. When she discovers that the man she wants is the same one she’s hunting, Alara faces a heart-breaking decision. 


The first thing to note about this book is the writing style: the words the author uses are beautiful and a mix of modern and ancient. A lot of the language is captivating, as are the characters that bring this story together, however there are some aspects of the book which could have done with more description. As the book moves between two times, the writer keeps the reader entertained with a storyline that has the right mixture of romance and action. Julie A. D’Arcy has written a great novel with hot and passionate characters!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick