Natalya (Flight of the Night Witches Book 1)


HISTORICAL:  Natalya Volkov flies through the night sky with her sister pilots, nicknamed the Night Witches. Their missions are risky, but she will pay any price to save Russia, her homeland, from Hitler's invasion. She clings to the memories of her family and the man she loves until fate steps in and offers her a choice. Mikhail Abromavich, half Romani, half Jew, escaped from a concentration camp whereupon he joined the Resistance. With important information that must reach Stalin's ears, he travels through Poland towards Russia, praying he is in time to save his country and those he loves. His reunion with Natalya is heartbreaking, but nothing prepares him for seeing her alive again. Natalya has been given the gift of life from Freya, the Norse goddess, who fears what will happen if Hitler succeeds in his plans. With new life, comes new powers, and Natalya must use everything, even time travel, to complete her mission. She and Mikhail must slow down the Germans, for if they fail, Hitler has plans that will not only change the world, but humankind forever.

"Natalya" is an electrifying WWII paranormal historical thriller that will keep readers on the edges of their seats! Throughout Natalya and Mikahail's story, Ms. Vanlandingham expertly integrates historical events of the war, along with the ever-present fear of death, bombings, and starvation. Furthermore, the whims of a goddess add a paranormal twist that will engage readers' imaginations as they consider "what if..." An emotional roller-coaster ride of action and romance that transcends time, "Natalya" has it all!

Tricia Hall