Naomi (Maggie Trilogy Book 2)


MYSTERY:  All Naomi wants to do is spend some time with her new fiancé. However, her talent for attracting ghosts means she has other things to deal with. When a blast from her past appears and tries to put a spanner in the works, Naomi must tread carefully or she could lose everything she has worked so hard for. Nothing will stop Naomi from keeping Bryce and his daughter safe and keeping their love alive. However, with some very difficult times ahead, can their love stand these tests?


"Naomi" continues straight on from the ending of "Maggie", the first book in the trilogy by author Mya O'Malley. The story is told from the POV of both Bryce and Naomi, which puts the reader right into the characters' heads and makes for a very emotional read. Naomi is a strong character who just wants to enjoy her life with Bryce; however she will not walk away from those in need. The book moves at a good pace and there is always the question of whether Naomi and Bryce's relationship will stand what's being thrown at it. A great book and one that will have readers wanting to start at the beginning and follow the trilogy all the way through! 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick