In My Wildest Dreams


Lynzi Lancaster lost the love of her life twenty years ago.  When the box holding treasured memories of that relationship falls out of the closet, it is only the beginning.  Life-threatening incidents occur; and she has strange dreams about her love, Layne Brady.    She wakes from one of the dreams to find Layne in bed with her.  He tells her that he is actually fae, and has been in his homeland all these years.  He also tells her that he has been watching over her until the time he could come back to her.  Now Layne’s fae enemy, Allvis, is attempting to hurt Lynzi, so Layne has come back to take her away with him. When they arrive in his homeland, she finds herself in the middle of a fae war. Although Layne promises to take care of her, she is kidnapped by his enemies.  Layne realizes just how difficult it will be to see to Lynzi’s safety, as their troubles with Allvis are just beginning.

The story has an interesting idea for the plot and is earnestly told; but it suffers from the lack of world building.  The fae homeland is described only as the ranch and the surrounding woods. Instead of magic, these fae are holding off the bad guys with rifles and guns.  The story could have been set on a ranch anywhere, at any time. The tale also meanders along, and not much really happens.  The idea behind the story is intriguing, however; and could easily be strengthened with more background and understanding of the fae world the author is asking us to enter.


Faith Turner