My Vampire


Collegian Sasha is an otherworldly storm sprite whose blood is irresistible to vampires.  She is saved by a sexy vampire, and in the process, they form a special bond.  Killian is her vampire protector, but both of them want more.  As Sasha is targeted by demons seeking a special amulet and her ability to activate it, and other vampires who want her blood, her vampire is there to protect her.  In close contact, it becomes even harder to deny their feelings when a relationship seems doomed from the start.

“My Vampire” will appeal to fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the “Underworld” movies.  The world building is sound, and while the story trods a familiar path, novel elements keep the vampire/human star-crossed love story fresh.  Sasha has an irresistibly cute and bubbly nature that can’t help but generate smiles.  Despite physical vulnerabilities, she is strong-willed and determined, with a comical need for ice cream to stay healthy and keep her abilities under control.  Killian is an intoxicating mix of darkly erotic, dangerous vampire and puppy-like Sasha devotee.   He makes vampire fans wish for their very own vampire protector.  “My Vampire” has exciting, descriptive action sequences that will keep fans of vampire fiction happy, along with amusing notes of humor, witty dialogue and two adorable lead characters.  Readers will find themselves very entertained by this novel.  Despite its awkwardly written beginning, and one aspect that will probably turn off some readers, otherwise “My Vampire” is a well-written story that keeps readers engaged. 

Danielle Hill