The Moonstone

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“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”
-John Lennon
And so it happened to our heroine, Finna. Suddenly, in a moment, everything changed. Once a newly pregnant, motherless girl with nothing to look forward to but an endless stretch of sameness, she is now  newly pregnant girl with a mother, a magical inheritance and a destiny. Not an easy crossover to make, but, a welcome one at this point in her life.
This sets her on an incredible journey with her mother, Catriona, through an enchanted land. There she’ll learn a lot about herself, Catriona, Celtic gods, faith, magic, life… and finally, death and danger.  Not the whole family will welcome her with open arms, and the result of their family reunion might be dark indeed.
What a captivating, delightful, creative treat the world of  “The Moonstone” turned out to be! The variety of deities and creatures created a gorgeous adventure for the down-to-earth Finna. The journey was wonderfully adapted to Finna’s inner battles. However, the relationships described in this book might be troubling to a reader. Especially the disturbing description of Finna’s marriage and her conclusions regarding it, along with her interactions with her mother, which alternated between being unrealistic and destructive to Finna’s confidence and self-esteem. But, if one can accept that misgivings are inevitable, and something one can grow from,  Nikki Broadwell’s ‘Otherworld’ is a great place to start!
Mimi Smith