Reed is on the top of his game when he meets his new client, Marin.  Marin and Reed have an instant attraction that does not disappoint, but Marin is a werewolf.  She is not ready to settle down and that is fine for Reed, for he has never found anyone worthy of that commitment.  They have an amazing time together and are very compatible in all aspects — until Reed finds out about her unusual genes and feels betrayed by her in every way.  Sarah is devastated by the loss of Reed, and cannot comprehend why she cares so much.  After they each realize that they are in love, will it be too late?


"Moonspell" is a fun love story with plenty of laughter and red-hot love.  Reed and Marin are written well with sarcasm, wit and undeniable heat for each other.  The family dynamics make for a good read, for it is slightly different than other typical werewolf stories.  The originality of the story comes from Reed’s sister who is also a werewolf, but her specific type is one that can only be passed down to a female.  It adds a different energy to the typical werewolf story and to the relationship dynamics of all the characters.  That is where the originality of plot ends, for the rest is a typical "werewolf finding your mate" love story.  It is a fun, "overcome the obstacles that life throws at you" escapist read!


Laura Dinsdale