Midnight Everlasting: The Undercity Chronicles Two

S. M.

MYSTERY:  The legendary Rawheads are proven real after they attack Tyburn Market and kidnap Spiral Girl, a top hacker. Zephanie Sweetly, the Rat Princess, knows it is in her family’s best interest, as providers of a safe place for the criminal element in London to meet, to find her. Ms. Sweetly employs the services of Tom Coyle, a private detective and foreigner to the occupants of Undercity London. But why would he help her? He has been looking for his son for the past ten years; since they first met when she was a teenager, and she has information that will help in the search.

The characters are well developed, unique, and believable. They race to catch up to the readers knowledge of goings-on, aided by ancestor Judith Sweetlys journal. It is Toms ability to glean information from all sorts of people that moves the plot along nicely, however the reader may be distracted by a couple of hyperlinks in the text. The introduction of new characters come thick and fast at the beginning, which can lead one to think: how does this fit in?, but the puzzle pieces do fit. The majority of the story takes place in the space of seven days. This is less believable than the prophecy that Tom is Zephanies One, made by the Uraeus Priestess.


There is also an obvious lead-in to the next book. Let the hunt continue! 

Heather R Nielsen