Midnight’s Redemption


Mack Butler is not your average hero.  He is a Cynn Crour (they protect humans) and a former Scatha Cruor (they hunt and sell humans into slavery).  When Jasmine meets him, he has abducted her supposedly to keep her safe from the Scatha Cruors.  Things are even more tenuous for her because she is blind and only has her dog Mutt with her.  She is terrified both of the man who has taken her but also what she may have been saved from.  As Mack opens up to Jasmine, they get to know each other.  Jasmine is drawn to her savior even though she knows little about him.  All she knows is that he lives a secluded life, but if she is to believe him, she must trust him if she wants to live. Will Mack’s secret tear them apart in the end?

This is more than just a "good girl falls for bad boy" love story.  The characters are very well developed.  Immediately the reader begins to feel for the independent yet challenged Jasmine.  Mack, handsome and enthralled with Jasmine, is also fighting an enemy to keep her safe.  As a paranormal story, there were outrageous fights and the descriptions will make the reader feel as though they have a front row seat!  His mission to end the Scatha Cruors is almost as strong as his will to protect his love, Jasmine.  

Stephanie Shaw