Merlyn’s Raven

Rose Vanden
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Merlyn’s Raven retells the legend of King Arthur and his powerful magician advisor, Merlin, from the viewpoint of the woman who loved Merlin.  Myrddin Emrys is a young druid apprentice when Gwendydd first meets him.  She senses her life will change forever, their fates intrinsically entwined, despite the fact a dynastic marriage is in her future.  Under the auspice of learning the healing arts for her marriage, her grandfather allows her to learn herb-lore and healing from Myrddin, who also teaches her to use the innate magick she possesses.  Myrddin is an enthralling, mystical figure, a young man with a great destiny ahead.  Gwendydd cannot help loving him, a love fated to shape her own future.  That love will also bring pain and struggle to her, for Myrddin’s life is pledged to the future king of Britain.  Gwendydd struggles with the realization that she must share her beloved with his powerful destiny.

Merlyn’s Raven is a lyrical tale of magic and romance.  Vanden Eynden has a way with words.  Her writing is descriptive and beautiful. This novel brings legendary characters to life in a way that involves the reader.   The authors brings a deeper layer to the story of Merlin with Gwendydd’s character—the love he shares with Gwendydd.  One detractor is the largely negative look at the Christian religion as the hateful persecutors of the old religion and the priestesses of Avalon.  Despite this fact, Merlyn’s Raven is an enjoyable tale for lovers of Merlin and the Arthurian legends.

Danielle  Hill