Mercy: Third Novel of Rhynan (Novels of Rhynan Book 3)



MEDIEVAL FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Constance Rendare is a widow with a young son, travelling in a caravan to the capital with her grating family. Another member of the caravan is Wilard Naron, who serves under the Earl of Dentin and takes notice of the stoic Constance. Both have a similar wish for freedom, as Constance wishes to be free of her family and Wilard wishes to be free of his father’s reputation. Constance is independent and has a hard time trusting people due to what she suffered under her first marriage. Wilard is kind and humorous, with the hope of thawing Constance’s chilly exterior. When Constance’s artist father is kidnapped, they uncover a plot to kill the king. Constance and Wilard must come together to save everyone involved, including each other. 

Rachel Rossano’s latest addition to her series is sure to delight the lovers of her medieval tales! She does a wonderful job of creating her characters, as one will surely fall in love with Wilard and Constance. As they work together to uncover the secrets that have been built up, their gradual trust and companionship is enchanting. The dialogue is a bit rough at times, creating some lines that are not realistic and poorly timed. Additionally, there is no real introduction to the characters, leading to some confusion upon starting the book. Some of the characters were introduced in past novels in this series, which does not allow this book to stand on its own. Despite that, the suspense that builds throughout this tale will surely leave the reader feeling satisfied!

Jen Griffin