Mated (Olde Town Pack #2)


Brady Whelan is a man’s man and makes no qualms about it. He does not want to be tied down or “mated” anytime soon, if ever — that  is, until he meets Rachel Marsden. Finding her lying in the snow, beaten and bloody, leaves Brady in such a rage that he is determined to protect Rachel and find the scum that left her for dead. Rachel has never met anyone quite like Brady. She likes to have a good time but has sworn  never to trust another man. While outside forces throw them together in order to protect the pack as well as Rachel, the pair begins to realize there is more to life than spending time between the sheets. 

“Mated” is book two in the “Olde Town Pack” series. Although it can be read as a standalone, it might help to read the first book in order to understand some of the supporting characters. With settings so vivid and real,  readers will be transported to the Massachusetts of the novel, reading faster and faster in order to find out what happens next... The background information gets a little lost in some parts, which is why reading the first book will help in understanding all of the players. The characters in “Mated” are exciting, nerve-wracking and beautiful all rolled into one big amazing book.  — an excellent installment in a series!

Mary-Nancy Smith