Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals


COMEDY:  Maple Lane returns home after being away at college. A perennial student, after ten years of education, she has no degree to her name.  Her grandmother has passed away, so she is needed back at the historical mansion in Massachusetts.  The familyof elders that live there each have a special place in Maples heart and she is needed to help.  On her return she realizes that the house is in need of repairs and there is not a lot of money to do it, plus she owes the bank back mortgage payments as well. She takes in a handy man to do repairs and she also gets a night job waitressing at a local tavern. Can Maple come up with the payments before the bank or others take away the only home they all know?


Ms. Walker has drummed up a creative cast of characters. The house is made up of an aging witch, a wizard, a werewolf, a vampire and an incubus. They all have their quirks and bring their talents to the group when needed, although not always up to par. The arc of the story flows nicely with suspense and humor. The banter of the group is witty and they band together against the villain, who has no powers other than being a bully. There are a few editing errors and the italicized, underline phrases were inconsistent between thoughts and dialogue making it hard to understand the need. The ending felt a bit rushed; however it was wrapped up thoroughly and pleasantly.


Julie Caicco