The Many Lives of Avery Snow

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Avery Snow leads a boring life until an elderly patient in her care dies. Suddenly she can’t sleep - waking after only a few hours, yet unable to remember what frightened her enough to keep her up. Two separate men enter her life:  one, her soul mate from past lives, the other, the man she’s meant to be with now.  Even with help from her spirit guide which will she chose, and will the dark spirit guides stop her love before it has a chance?


A different twist on soul mates, the next edition will be very good.... after a solid content editor. While no grammar mistakes could be found, this novel held distracting redundancy, and every single action is explained. Characters lack depth and the emotions of love, lust, loss, and even friendship - while said, they are not actually felt by the reader. Further, the main character is unlikeable. While most love triangles show actual longing and the reader becomes swayed towards one or the other, here it feels more like the heroine is simply cheating on both. The sense of loss and distrust she is supposed to be feeling isn’t conveyed well with the current structure, and the love relationships don’t build so much as they are jumped into, without even the full attraction that would normally start a “love at first sight” romance. The original plot however, is promising and does create interest for later.


Sarah E Bradley