A Magic Redemption (A Demon’s Witch Series Book 5)


Synn is a woman with a tortured past. She’s a demon, an unlikely assassin whose entire life changed course when she was kidnapped as a child. With her family murdered, she had no choice but to follow the wishes of her captor, the evil Baltizar. She’s escaped and is now free, but she’s still guilt-ridden and haunted by nightmares. Synn yearns for redemption, a normal life, and perhaps a man to love. 

Gavin appears to be a simple man, running his family’s tavern and bantering with his siblings. In reality, he’s a gryphon and knows in his heart that Synn is his soulmate. He doesn’t care about her past and is willing to give her space to find her place in this new-to-her world. He knows, however, he must be patient because gryphons mate for life. 

This second-chance story is packed with action, danger, and emotional angst, along with a healthy dose of magic. The drawback in reading this, “Book 5,” as a standalone is that the reader cannot fully appreciate the interrelationships between a wide cast of fascinating characters. Much of the world-building is also missing, leaving one a bit lost when the hero suddenly strips down in the woods and takes flight! The love story between Synn and Gavin, however, is delicious, plucking readers’ heartstrings, and spiced with steamy, hot sex scenes. For those who have read the previous books in Ms. Stetler’s “A Demon’s Witch” series, “A Magic Redemption” is sure to delight!

FS Brown