Writer Naomi's beautiful new home sits at the edge of a 17th century cemetery. She is drawn to one grave in particular and Maggie, the lost soul interred there, becomes the inspiration for her next novel.  As she researches her subject Naomi is torn between Ryan, a man she met on a blind date and Bryce, her handsome new next door neighbor. When her investigation becomes dangerous, Naomi doesn't know who to trust. Will she be able to finish her novel and discover what happened to Maggie? And will she choose Ryan or Bryce?

The concept of this story is really interesting and it is an absolutely beautiful story. It captivates from the first page and keeps the reader hooked until the end. Naomi is a lovable character who deserves the happily ever after. As the story progresses, there are a lot of twists and turns that no one will see coming. The mystery of Maggie's death coupled with the wonder of who Naomi will choose add to the tension of this story. This book is easily finished without putting it down and there are some very emotional moments which will bring a tear to the eye. This is a standalone book that readers will go back to again and again - a hauntingly beautiful read that will not easily be forgotten! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick