A Mage’s Power (Journey to Chaos #1)

Brian Wilkerson

When Eric asks for help in a fit of desperation, the Trickster god Tasio answers by dropping him into an entirely different realm. Once there, Eric struggles to adjust to a new life of adventure in a mercenary guild as a battle mage. But being timid and lacking confidence is no way for a mercenary to live, and Eric must work hard to change. With the help of many new friends, and by stumbling into more than one adventure, he might do it, if he doesn’t get himself killed first.


A fabulous YA fantasy adventure! Wilkerson masterfully combines threads reminiscent of Manga/ Anime hits Naruto, Fairy Tail, with bits of Bleach tossed in for fun. Eric starts off as the kind of person one wants to kick, but as the book continues, he grows into the kind of person everyone wants to be with a magic staff to boot. The quirky cast of characters around Eric, particularly Trickster Tasio, those at the guild, and his growing “harem” bring the story to life and fill in the gaps while Eric is growing. The fantasy world is well done and smoothly paced involving many smaller adventures leading to the main event involving the princess. Overall, readers who love alternate realm fantasy adventures or those who watch or read the above mentioned stories should put this book at the top of their to-read lists. Can’t book two come out any faster?!


Sarah E Bradley