In Love with a Shadow


Dabria is the daughter of the grim reaper and always could sense something about people by reading the core of them. When Dabria is called upon to check into a very strange guy named Maximus “Max” Remo, she can’t figure out why she can’t read him at all. When Max, a shadow walker, a shadow who deals with death, shows up at her place upset that she was trying to read him, Dabria can’t brush him off because he knows who she is. When Dabria hears that people are suffering since her dad is missing, causing everyone to die horrible deaths, she  must find her dad with Max’s help before the Council finds out and more people die miserably. 

The story, filled with death, grim reapers, ghosts, and shadows, really is quite unique because it’s also a sweet romance. The story feels a little rushed at times, and the plot twists don’t feel very believable since everything happens so quickly. Dabria’s character, the brave intrepid heroine, remains somewhat underdeveloped, with her background and family origins not fully fleshed out. Even the romance between Dabria and Max feels a little forced: only because they are working together are they destined to be together. Readers may also question Dabria’s feelings and Max’s motives. Though Max’s character is a little more fully developed, his intentions are shady, so it is hard to trust him. The book is a crazy tour of death and beyond but still manages to end happily.

Roslynn Ernst