A Lifetime for Revenge (The Valthreans #2)

Natalie G.

MYSTERY:  Max Damiani and Piper Ingram come together in a whirlwind of death and suspense when Piper’s father is murdered, and she and her little brother are whisked into Max's arms. The Valthrean Council needs to keep her safe while they hunt down a cult populated with their own kind bent on sabotaging the future. Piper is forced to put her trust in Max, but finds more than confidence in the handsome man who can never die.

“A Lifetime for Revenge” is the second book in the Valthrean series. Readers may ask what a Valthrean is, but other than their inability to die and one Achilles heel, they are a mystery. Ms. Owens recaps the first book in a quick but interesting manner, connecting to the second story. There is a high level of literary ability in the flow and structure of this novel. Aside from a few mistakes, the editing is exceptionally well done. Both Piper and Max are defined with clear personalities. This novel had the potential for cover-to-cover suspense, but the action doesn’t commence until the last thirty percent. During the first seventy percent there is the “I want her, no I can’t have her because I let someone else down” reason with show-stoppingly close sensual calls. In the end there is a rush of details to explain who and why her father was murdered. 

With a slight sniff of paranormal and a happy ending for Piper and Max, readers will be looking to breathe in the continuing arc of who is trying to undermine the Valthrean immortals. 

Natasza Waters