The Life and Death of Lily Drake

T. Michelle
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Lily Drake’s world is about to change forever, as she answers her door expecting her blind date. What she doesn’t know is that Mathias Sutton has come to make her an offer she may not be able to refuse. Mathias takes Lily to his mansion to explain her ancestry and offers to transition her into a vampire. Not believing what she is hearing, she refuses. She must consider her son, Keaton and will not agree until he comes of age and has the choice of transitioning, also.  Even meeting other vampires, especially Mathias’ cousin,Val, does not change her resolve.  When Lily is  suddenly attacked by austeres, the bad vampires, things change. No longer able to leave Lily alone, Mathias and Val must keep an eye on her 24/7.  As she comes to know both vampires, she realizes she is beginning to have feelings for both.  Which vampire will Lily choose?  Will she decide to transition, or will fate make that choice for her?

Lily Drake is a sexy, kick butt mom kind of character that one can’t help but love!  But, as it stands, her son, Keaton, who is supposedly Lily’s whole world, gets lost in the story.  All the reader knows is that he is spending time away at Lily’s best friend’s house. The story also seems rushed at times and doesn’t have a lot of meat on it’s bones. With more attention to the important details and depth in the plot would have made this one a winner for sure. Still, the uniqueness of the vampire society makes this story interesting enough to keep one reading.


Tonya Smalley