The Laird of Duncairn (Fey Matter, 1)


GASLAMP FANTASY:  In 1882 Scotland, the Fey are in hiding or on the run from the Queen’s sniffers, sent to hunt them down. Technology is advancing, and men of science and industry are in control. When Sir Walter Conrad discovers a new fey energy source, the race for ownership begins. However, that same energy source seals away some of the worst fey to ever roam the land, and with Sir Conrad mining the new material, some of those fey are set free — and they have no intention of bowing down to the humans or their queen. The only hope for saving the Empire and the Fey is an outcast half-fey named Effie. With few allies and the sniffers trying to catch her, Effie will have to race against time and the power of the Fey lords to establish an alliance between men and fey.

A steampunk fantasy tale, “The Laird of Duncairn” is the first in the “Fey Matter” series. The story follows Effie as she attempts to learn about her past, fight sniffers, and convince man and fey alike to work together. The romance is mild and mostly hinted at, to be explored later. The action is quick-paced and interesting; however, the many characters can sometimes blur together, and Effie's character lacks growth. Still, the world building, and plot development are worth reading, and fans of both fantasy and steampunk will find this is a great introduction to a promising series.

Sarah E Bradley