Kiss of the Virgin Queen (Kiss of the Jinni Hunter Series)


HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  Special Agent Eliana Solomon is tasked with hunting down terrorists, with a twist. She is also a Jinni hunter. As a Special Agent she can do things others can’t, but as a Jinni Hunter she is even more valuable. When she can’t figure something out she calls on a psychiatrist that she must learn to trust again named Arta Shahani. While they battle an evil Jinni in the present, the history of the specific Jinni they are fighting is revealed to the reader in short chapters about King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

“Kiss of the Virgin Queen” is a story that intrigues and teaches about all things Jinni. Sometimes a bit confusing with back and forth chapters, Sharon Buchbinder does a good job with the details of the story. Readers can easily find themselves wrapped in gold and jewels when in the past. Imagination knows no bounds when it comes to the King and Queen. When Eliana and Arta find themselves fighting for their lives in the future, readers will be rooting for good to overcome the evil that lurks in the hills of West Virginia. Readers that enjoy history wrapped in contemporary stories will love “Kiss of the Virgin Queen”. They will come back for more of Solomon’s and Sheba’s story and for Eliana and Arta’s budding relationship. 

Mary-Nancy Smith