Kin Selection (A Shifter’s Claim Book 1)


Denise Hammond works best solo, but the animal activist has long had to take on a team to tackle larger facilities and rescue more animals. When one rescue results in an unexpected wolf cub, Denise takes the cub home with plans to relocate him, only to wake up in the morning with a toddler instead of a wolf cub in her house. Wolf Shifter Yogi has been ordered to retrieve the stolen cub and keep his species’ existence a secret. Unfortunately, finding the cub with a human puts him in a precarious position. Denise cannot be left alone to reveal their secret, but turning her over to the cubs’ pack wars with his own attraction to the curvaceous and feisty woman. Both Denise and Yogi have important information and a desire to protect the cub, but can they learn to trust each other long enough to do it?

A clever shifter romance, “Kin Selection” is a quick-paced story featuring two strong personalities, a simmering romance, and the cutest toddler shifter. While the story is smoothly written, and the characters are distinct, the book is clearly written as a spin off and thus readers might want to read the rest of this author’s work for more world-building and depth. Regardless, the plot is clearly contained in this book, the side characters are left room for their own stories, and the romance begins with sparks and continues until a quick bang finalizes it. Overall, readers who enjoy clean stories with sexy werewolves and determined heroines will find this book a pleasure to read!

Sarah E Bradley