Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance #6)

Brenda Trim,
Tami Julka

Elsie is on top of the world. Queen of the Vampires and mated to Zander, the Vampire King, they are expecting their first child. Life seems peaceful between the realms - however, evil lurks nearby, waiting for an opportunity to seek revenge. When Elsie's baby is born showing signs of incredible power she needs more protection than they can give her, so they seek the help of a goddess and receive a guardian angel. This is no ordinary angel, however, and has a link between their pasts and a vendetta of his own. Elsie struggles to keep her daughter safe, her love for her husband intact and an old wound that never healed from tearing them all apart.


A strong passion between Zander and Elsie is clearly evident and with no time to waste, they heat up scene to scene with their bodies and their hearts on fire. Zander is just the kind of regal and sexy Scottish Vampire king that a reader would expect, and Elsie stands side by side with him making them an irresistible couple. It is difficult to slip into this paranormal world initially, yet as the story continues, it all begins to fall into place. In the endless ocean of paranormal romances it follows the usual pattern with a heavy sexual element and foul language that may not suit all readers. For those who adore this tried and true format, however, the story is intriguing and jam-packed with paranormal magic, and is well-paced, keeping readers' attentions on high alert.


Margaret Faria