I’ve Been Waiting for You (My Beloved Vampire #2)


In the year 1014, the Battle of Clontarf was in full swing. Olaf, and the High King Brian Boru of Ireland, are fighting along side of one another. Sadly, Olaf loses his life, but is made a vampire the very same day. Flash forward to the year 2010...Odin (formerly Olaf) and Thor are instructed to keep Sally and Olivia safe at all costs. Sally is the daughter of Katherine, the Queen. Odin and Sally have known each other for a couple of years, and he has been waiting for Sally to choose him over Thor. Sally chooses Odin, and they soon become a mated pair. Odin will now be able to find her anywhere in the world.

In a bizarre twist, a terrorist cell kidnaps Sally and Olivia and plans to sell them as slaves. Thankfully Odin is able to locate Sally within hours, and with his family they rescue her, and numerous other women and children. Once free, they will plan out their wedding, but will they be able to survive the evil that is about to arrive?

Vampires, ghosts, fae, witches and reincarnation...oh my! One must put on their thinking caps in order to keep the overload of characters and situations straight.  Sally and Odin, who are the main focus, get lost in all the side stories. There are so many twists and turns, from past to present, and trying to understand who reincarnated into whom, it makes one head spin! It’s hard to make sense of it all. Still, Ms. Moriarty is on the right track with a unique take on the paranormal, and with a little more consistency and tightening down of the story line, she could have a real winner.

Tonya Smalley