Hunting for Spring


Conor, a hunter on the trail of all things creepy from the Otherworld, engages in a deadly standoff with a wight. While neutralizing the creature’s insatiable bloodlust for humans, Conor runs across Brenna. A relationship is seeded: part professional, part sizzle. Brenna is searching for something, and while she should be wary of Conor because his kind usually slaughters hers, she can’t help the lure his presence has on her. It has nothing to do with fire sprites or pixies - it is pure passion that brews between them. Opposites definitely do attract, but they can’t dally with romance while a caster is bringing monsters into their world.


“Hunting for Spring” opens with the best paragraph this reviewer has ever read. Originality jumps from every page. Suspense coils tightly as the plot unfolds and so does the restrained passion between the lead characters. Conor has two tantalizing traits: he’s tough but he also has a softer side, especially for those in need. While in a heated embrace with Brenna, his hard-edged father and friend Liam banishes her to a dangerous place. Conor’s response is a little too calm and understanding. The dialogue moves the suspense, but not the romance.


Ms. McIntyre has created a wholly engrossing world filled with creatures and calamity. There’s more to come in future books to divulge who is behind unleashing evil entities hungry for the unsuspecting humans and snatching the half-breeds of Philly.


Sloane Austen