Hunted Dreams (Hunted Series #3)


Hunted Dreams is about two people who forge a connection through dreams.  Reed Jayvyn interrupts a two-on-one fight, sticking up for a young man by the name of Alberto. Reed discovers that Alberto’s family, the Daleths, are Broschi, a group of people who feed on the emotions of humans.  Although repulsed by the Broschis' nature, he decides to stay with them and learn about his own heritage as half-Broschi.  Soon after, he starts appearing in the dreams of a young woman named Katana. It seems that Katana is trapped in a nightmarish dream-world and she can’t wake up.  With each night they spend together in Katana’s dreams, they fall deeper in love.  But Katana can’t stay in the dream-world forever. Reed is determined to find Katana’s body and wake her up from the dangerous dreams that are slowly sapping away her life-force.

Hunted Dreams is an intriguing paranormal novel that brings together two very strong, captivating characters.  Reed is a wonderful hero with a well-developed sense of self from living as a biracial (black and white) man with another unique heritage.  Katana has overcome massive obstacles in her young life, giving her considerable emotional fortitude. Despite what she’s gone through, she has a lot of heart and humanity.  Their love story, with its wonderful chemistry and profound sense of connection, makes this book, but the unique paranormal elements also add to its appeal.  Aside from a confusing and slow start, Hunted Dreams gets high marks!


Danielle Hill