Hot Magic


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Molly is in Cat’s Paw Cove to settle her mother’s estate. She meets Lucian at the local antiques shop when she takes in some old dishes for appraisal. Lucian isn’t just an antiques dealer. He is really a 12th century knight and his cat, Galahad, was once his squire. Their duty is to keep the town safe from dark magic items that could cause harm to the citizens. When Lucian’s dark magic alarms alert of a strong magic in the area, it takes him to Molly’s mother’s house where a dangerous necklace from the past resurfaces. Lucian and Galahad, along with Molly’s four cats (they were once humans too) now must find a way to separate Molly from the curse jewel without Molly being harmed.

This book is delightful! The cats are well-drawn characters whose personalities shine. Galahad is comical as a teenage boy trapped in a cat’s body.  The character of Lucian is the perfect combination of 12th century and modern day hero. The chemistry between Lucian and Molly is fast and hot making the reader yearn for more. 

There is a bit of confusion regarding the Sherwood cats. The reader may find it difficult at first to determine if they are protecting the necklace or guarding it against those who would use it for evil. The book ends with an epic confrontation that is centuries in the making, causing a fiery explosion that proves love really does conquer all. A surprising plot twist ensures readers will love every minute of this book!

Carly Fulmer