Hidden Mortality


Cara is a co-owner of an Irish-themed catering business and a descendant of Rosie, a witch murdered in 1850 in a ritual granting longevity to her killers. Reluctant to acknowledge her paranormal powers, despite her dreams of the future, she’s in denial. 


Seth Scanlon, given longevity by Rosie on the night of her murder, is sworn to protect Rosie’s descendants. Vincent, one of the immortals who killed Rosie, needs to kill a witch to keep his immortality, and Cara is his target. Seth finds himself falling in love with Cara and must choose to love Cara and live or avenge Rosie’s death and die. 


“Hidden Mortality” is a compelling romance that grabs the reader at the prologue and doesn’t let go until the last page! A paranormal that veers from the usual vampire and werewolves to witches and immortals. The author starts the story 160 years in the past and flings it forward to the present, giving it a unique turn with vividly descriptive scenes that paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Although the ritualistic scenes are a bit macabre for a romance, they don’t detract from the overall appeal of the story. 


This well-written novel has a solid plot, smooth pace, plenty of emotion and depth, and all the elements needed for a great novel. The characters are engaging, the chemistry between Cara and Seth sizzling, and the sex scenes scorching hot. This paranormal romance is a definite page-turner, not to be missed!


Janna Shay