Her Druid Temptation

Trish F.

Traven Campbell is a PI on a case to find hard evidence against a well known business man in New Orleans. While investigating, he comes across Liana Morgan, an Amber Druid like himself. She is also one very sexy woman that he has had on his mind for a centuries. Can he make room for this beautiful woman while building his case at the same time?

 Liana Morgan is all business with no time for dating, or a social life. But seeing Traven again makes heat spread to every part of her body and leaves her brain in a fog.  When Traven tells her the person she is in town to do business with is dangerous, it gives her the perfect excuse to stay close to him.

Amber Druids, dangerous men, an investigation, hostility, and sexy, steamy love scenes are all rolled up in Trish F. Legers “Her Druid Temptation”.  Paranormals are always fun, especially when the characters have the type of heightened senses that make for a very sensual journey.  This story enjoys written scenes, great detail of the here and now, along with romance between two very interesting characters. Although lacking slightly in history between Traven and Liana, it does not take away from the wonderful story that is unveiled before one’s very eye. Truly a fun book to warm the soul!
Melody Prat