Her Druid Desire Book One of the Amber Druid Series

Trish F.
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Nadia Morales lost her parents at the age of sixteen, and spent the next couple of years in the foster care system. She is painfully shy, and introverted, but is working to rise above it and become one of the youngest CEO’s in Texas. Learning the hard way, she begins a relationship with a fellow co-worker, in whom she puts her trust. Only to have that trust shattered.  

Drake Thompson is a business mogul, playboy, and a family friend. He has been watching over Nadia since her parents died. What he doesn’t know, is that Nadia has been in love with him since she was sixteen years old.  Drake has a secret as well, he is an Amber Druid, a being who has powers that no human has. Will Drake ever see Nadia as more than a sister? Nadia needs to deal with her trust issues, but will she be able to, when she sees the real Drake for what he truly is?

Ms. Leger is a wonderful author, who can write  characters who are loads fun and incredibly sexy! Her story starts out a little slow, but soon picks up *ahem*...steam. The sexual tension is yummy and builds until one can’t wait for the relationship to be consummated. Oddly, however, when that does happen, it actually drags a little too long. Even so, Amber Druids are a fascinating subject, with some backstory to support their story this would be a five star book! Still, it is an entertaining and steamy read that lovers of paranormal romance will totally enjoy!

Tonya Smalley